From our first lunch, through to handing me the keys to my new home, Korey was by and away not only the best real estate agent I have ever worked with, but one of the most emotionally intelligent and professional individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with, period.

- Malcolm C. (Tucson, AZ)


Korey Schultz (he/him) is a Licensed Realtor® and first-time homebuyer specialist with Long Realty who moved to Tucson from the Pacific Northwest in 2017.  For more than 10 years, Korey has been working to build resilient and joyful communities while working with numerous for-profit and non-profit organizations that focus on his main interests:  Homeownership, youth mentorship, and community arts accessibility.

Korey is passionate about supporting community growth and prosperity. He believes that helping clients to achieve their goal of homeownership is the best way to build resilient and stable communities, specifically for artists who want to work and live in their communities.  Korey also hosts free first-time homebuyer education courses to support community stability.

Korey is an active mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, a Board Member for the Tucson Museum of Art, and a member of Tucson Young Professionals.  

Korey graduated from the University of Oregon where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Planning, Public Policy, and Management.  In his free time, you will find Korey traveling with his partner, volunteering with local youth-serving and arts organizations, renovating houses, creating custom furniture, and participating in community arts events/festivals.

I believe that stable communities are built on homeownership.

When you own your home there is no expiration date on how long you can live there, because it is your home. 

Purchasing a home allows you to have a stable monthly housing payment, which is fixed for the term or length of your loan.

This means you can budget for the future without worrying about housing costs going up, your landlord telling you to move, or spending your savings on another rental deposit!

Take control of your housing and let me help you build the future you desire in a place to call home.

Let's get coffee and talk. - Korey

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